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Creature Preview – Elves

July 11, 2014

Creature Name: Elves
Origin World: Yoee’a
Sentient: Organic Sentience
Creature Type: Organic Humanoid
Diet: Omnivore

Notable Individuals: *Unknown Name* (Matriarch), Is’lianna (Matriarch’s Daughter – Has hundreds of sisters, 304th in Succession Line)

– Female: 5′-7′
– Male: 5′-6′ (Slouched); 6′-8′ (Erect)

– Skin: Bronze to Dark Brown
– Hair: Human Standard Palette*

Temperament: Cautious, though individual temperament varies as much as humans

Unique Traits: Sharp Eyesight, Minimal Lifespan

Elves are a matriarchal society, ruled by a Queen/Matriarch and usually succeeded by eldest living daughter.

Current Elven society is the product of genetic testing before they migrated to O’th. It was successful testing but yielded major disasters as well. Females are very intelligent, strong, graceful and beautiful. The same treatments that improved on female genetics destroyed male genetics in the species. Males are rarely intelligent beyond simple tasks, but have incredible strength and stamina for manual tasks.

Elves have long lives at a minimum of 500 years, outside of the normal circumstances that kill individuals. The defect is that after 500 years their body can fail unexpectedly. They maintain youthful features and do not outwardly age.

Elves have an affinity for the forests and prefer organic technology when feasible. Elves are also hunter/gatherers and maintain large sections of forests that produce abundant fruits and prey. Elves are cautious but diplomatic and have a few cities with great diversity as long as visitors and residents abide their rules.

*Human Standard Palette – White, Blonde, Red/Orange, Brown, Black (No Bright Colors)


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