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July 12, 2014

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Not sure where that comes from. To me its a statement that is both true and false, a paradox, if you might.
We each hold to our own standards of beauty, but at the same time, our culture can mold our standard, causing us to have a perception shaped through the community’s eyes.

Beauty can be found in many things, but each is different. This is not easily explained, but we don’t hold a flower to the same expectations of beauty as we would a mate. We find each has beauty for different reasons. Many forget, though, that we each find something beautiful or ugly for different reasons, even the same object. Like life, we each have a different perspective of the same object. Something appears square to one person may to another appear as a broken line because they view it from a different angle.

This lesson was driven into me by my high school art teacher. Like most of my lessons in life, I toke from the experience something different then what was intended. I hated my art teacher, and while I strive to let go of hate, I have no respect for her as an artist. She taught technique properly, but when it came to subject material or the actual design of the piece, she was rigid and refused to view anything outside of her perspective of beauty. Her standard of beauty was realism and she refused to allow others to expand beyond that scope.

One of my high school friends sat right next to me. He was awesome and his artwork then could rival many professionals. (I don’t know where he is today, but I sincerely hope he achieved his dream of continuing his art.) But our teacher only saw stubbornness and a refusal to conform to her standard of “good” artwork. We were given an assignment: Draw and then paint a picture. It could be of any subject as long as it was school appropriate. He was having some trouble in life so he choose to draw and then paint a “Soul Eater”. It was well done, in my opinion. It was dark but appealing to the eyes. His emotions were poured into the image and it showed. The soul eater was humanoid but the face had only glowing ominous eyes. He chose not to add a mouth because that was her torment and why she tormented others. She could not speak nor scream, but found her voice when others screamed as she stole their life. It was a dark painting, but it showed what was in his heart and his desire to scream it out but could not. Many can sympathize with it. Except our teacher. Instead of being proud of the well drawn and well painted piece she noticed no mouth. She promised as F unless he put a mouth on the soul eater because, “It would never happen. Someone always needs a mouth.” While true for reasons she would probably never understand, she was so focused on having a “realism” that she would not appreciate it without her standard of beauty. He finally have in, if only not to fail the class and have that on his report card. She he painted a simple line to represent a mouth. It ruined it. That one little line ruined the entire heart of his painting. She still only gave him a C for the effort.
If you are mad, remember that many go through the same thing. Many have a standard of beauty that they try to impose on others without ever thinking that maybe we could have a different opinion. While there are extremes that should never be tolerated, that doesn’t mean we can’t have different opinions.

I like art. I can’t tell the difference between modernism or … yeah that’s about all I remember. I enjoy art to look at the emotions behind the piece. I don’t get splashes of paint on a canvas, but if that is what they find art, then so be it. But if a photo was taking to convey a message, it can speak volumes. I like to frequent I find I am rather strict as to my own standards of what beauty is. I don’t like selfies, especially on a site like DeviantArt. To me a selfie is for social networks to gain attention and nothing more. But, I try to be open minded and just ignore it, because maybe someone else finds it to be an art form. The one that bugs me the most though is model photography. I have a problem with pornography (EDIT: … being considered an art form). That is not art, that is giving into desires that can lead to selfishness and problems with significant others and family. But many seem to find posing with their bare butt in the air or flashing the camera is art. Maybe some find it to be so, but to me its just for the attention. But to bare oneself  (not nudity) and show true emotion, whether it is happiness or pain is art. That is what I find enjoyable in model photography. It doesn’t matter if its male or female, but if the emotion is there to convey the emotion, then it is good.

I also enjoy drawings. I enjoy cartoon style the most, but watercolor landscapes are also fun. I also find that everyday may bring a different taste. One day I may like the pencil sketch while the next I find it repulsive. Again it is random.

This is just my rant.

If you enjoy art, head over to and look at some of the awesome artists.

You can even check out my favorites page and see the growing collection of things I have found to fit my own standard of good art. Its interesting sometimes to see the differing styles. That maybe today I do not think are done very well.

Anyway, I feel I am rambling again without a coherent thought given.



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