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Another Journal Entry…

July 17, 2014

Another one of those days. Tired and painful but awake. It was actually a good morning. My wife and I just chatted while she readied for her last day of school. Like many, we have busy mornings and busy evenings, many times compounded by a lack of energy, drive or even rational thought. But it was nice to just chat as she got ready, I wish we had done it more often… maybe as she gets ready for work from now on.

Yesterday started out rather well, just trying to get through the day and pick one thing to do. Well, instead of going outside with my son like I had started to plan, I ended up doing the dishes. There weren’t a lot but a few flies had gotten in the house and the dishes needed to be done before they set up shop. I managed to hunt them down and get the dishes done. It tired me out though, so it was time for a nap… at least for me.

I can’t sleep if my son is still awake because he is like many other toddlers, a walking tornado. So we got up without taking a nap after an hour of trying. I got crabby but he played with toys for the afternoon.

We’ll see how this day goes…

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