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Long days to weeks to months…

November 24, 2014

Not only as I get older do the days seem to merge together, but as my mind assaults my core. I struggle to hold onto a set schedule and routine.

It scares me though, how well I am doing. Our car was broken into a few weeks ago and I didn’t go into a full panic lock down. A friend is facing a rough patch and in helping them I am rather calm. Its not like they don’t effect me, but I seem to have a more managed outlook at the situations. Its because of faith and years of skill building, I know. Its still scary, though, when reactions are different than the “norm”. Will I freak out later? I am not “healed” of the mental illnesses, they are still there in force, but MY personal reactions to stressful situations has changed. It feels good, but is scary (have I said that enough yet?).

Either way, another day awaits, one step in front of the other… or lay down and take a breath, either will help.

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