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Basic Necessities

May 7, 2015

Inspired by a fellow blogger ( and few others, I wanted to write down a list of basic necessities. I have made this list many times in my head, but it seems to get lost in the turbulence of my mind. So today, maybe writing it down and placing it here will keep it safer.

1) Food – I tend to either under eat or overeat.  I will go days with eating only a few things, and then it will switch and I will constantly eat anything I can find in the house or bring home. So having a constant, healthy meal plan is essential, even if it doesn’t happen often due to energy levels.

2) Coffee – I have switched to decaf to reduce the effects regular coffee has on my anxiety, but its still a nice constant of the day, and one that actually happens. I just need to remember to drink enough water the rest of the day.

3) Spirituality – Porn, Shopping, and Collecting addictions are great forces to deal with, add in the crippling depression and extremely low energy levels I can have, spirituality has played the greatest part of my life in staying alive and staying afloat. This is one I remember I everyday, but also have the hardest time sticking to. My mind constantly reminds me I am failing Jehovah’s standards, and its difficult to do anything to combat it. Its a work in progress.

4) Video/Board Games – Ah, games. To borrow a line from Simpsons: Games, the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems. Video games have helped me through difficult times. They have helped pass the time when I could have been falling deeper into depression. They are not a solution to anything as I would suggest in the above line (nor are they they ultimate problem in my life), but they can be a life preserver in rough seas. As long as I stay away from games that aggravate addictions or depression, it works.

5) Family – I have a wonderful wife and great kids that help me through a lot. I don’t like being around people in general (I don’t hate people… just don’t like being around them), but my family is part of the very small group I do enjoy being around. My wife has helped me through many bad times, and has put up with my… “quirks”.

6) Music – A universal mental necessity. Music can either help calm a raging heart or spurn it to explosive levels. The right music is a must, and different for each person. For me, its instrumental music. I enjoy the classics such as Chopin and Bach, as well as works from recent composers like John WIlliams and Hans Zimmer. I rarely remember the names of composers, but their work is what I care about. My favorites are video game soundtracks, ranging from older games like Legend of Zelda and Chrono Trigger to newer games like Endless Legend and Civilization.

7) Art – A necessity that I have to stay away from… or at least control my exposure to. I love art. I can’t tell you what style it was done in, who painted or sculpted a piece, or what it means to the world as a whole, but I love art, both man-made and natural. I just have to stay away from art that depicts anything resembling a sexual nature.

8) Sex – Yep, a necessity…

9) Books – A little used necessity for me, but one I have surrounded myself by. I read a lot during the day, but I wish I could my books more often as I have a lot of them. I also have a lot of books I NEED to read. Slowly but surely I get to them.

I will add to this list if I think of anything else. It can also double as a list of things I can be thankful for if I look at it while doing badly.

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  1. I am glad you felt inspired by what I had to say. I find its helpful to refer to a list of what makes you happy when you are feeling not so great, it almost acts like a ticklist, keep up and do as many as you possibly can. : )

    • Thanks. – Its something peers and professionals have been saying for years: Make a list… doesn’t matter what it is, if you have to remember it, make a list. Its nice to see others use it, helps get past of the barrier of “what’s the point”. 🙂

      @ Everyone – One of the hardest things I deal with is not copying the lists or suggestions of others verbatim and try and apply it to myself. I then get frustrated it doesn’t work. Mental Illness isn’t a physical illness that follows a fairly limited standard of what works. Mental Illness is a storm, and treatment requires art, not science. What I mean is this: There is a science to many illnesses. You get a cold, rest and drink plenty of clear fluids. You break a bone? Have it set back into place and make sure you rest, eat and let it heal. Mental Illnesses (and by extension, chronic/invisible illnesses) require finesse and a careful eye. What works for one is not what works for another. Like painting on different mediums, one type of paint will not work on Cloth as well as brick. Each person is a different medium, one brick, one cloth, one plastic, one grass and so forth. It requires patience and time to find what works, if anything does at all. For as hard as people are on us, we are even harder on ourselves. The difference being, I can walk away from another person, I cannot get away from my own mind. Be patient and kind.

      Sorry, kind of got away from me there… oh well.

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